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SEO and Internet Marketing

SEO Services

To get good positions in any competitive market your website needs to be optimised for its keyword set and built to be search engine friendly. There are many elements to search engine optimisation which can make it difficult for a website owner to identify what is required to get better positions. As a specialist seo agency we can clear the fog of seo and create a clear identifiable programme to ensure your site gets first page positions on your identified keywords.

PPC Campaigns

Our approach to pay per click campaign management ensures you get the right traffic while maximising your return on investment. We carry out extensive keyword analysis using our bespoke toolset and carefully monitor your campaign to ensure maximum return on your spend.

Link Campaigns

Links to your site are such an important element of improving your positions in the search engines. A targeted link campaign will give your site the push up the rankings it needs. We have an extensive network of quality websites and a massive catalogue of website owners from which we can draw upon to give your site quality targeted links. Not sure of the importance of links to your site have a look at this article on google ranking.

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Search engine optimisation is the practice of improving a website to attain better positions in the search engines. This usually involves some form of keyword analysis and subsequent editing of the sites content and coding. For further information Wikipedia has a comprehensive page.


Pay per click is an advertising medium that can drive instant niche traffic on targeted keywords. Careful management of the campaign is required as it is easy to overspend and reduce the ROI.


Search engine results pages are the so called (organic) listings you get when you perform a search with a search engine. Top positions for carefully targeted keywords can drive serious traffic to your site.